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Success Sells: How to Leverage Your Customer Wins Through Compelling Content

This report of deployable actions, techniques, best practices and tools for content developers is based on a proven methodology and systematic approach. Going beyond case studies and success stories, Success Sells presents a strategy that includes tactics and actionable steps your company can take – reference program or no reference program – to identify and understand your Success Customers, to gather and manage information about them, to translate that information into powerful content, and to share content with internal stakeholders so it is appropriately communicated to all target audiences.

September 2004; By Lucy Sanna and Renae E. Gregoire,
with Promise Phelon.

Customer Reference Program Benchmarking Study-2004 Edition

Adding to the Value Equation™

This study captures a recent moment in time in the fluid and fast-changing customer reference arena. The Study combines currrent reference program data with insight gathered from executive-level reference management at and senior IT customer references of 23 enterprise companies across numerous industries with revenues ranging from under $500 million to over $5 billion. Leading industry analysts and customer loyalty experts also contributed to the Study.

February 2004; By Promise Phelon, with Steven Nicks

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