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Execution & Adoption

“Every strategy must be actionable, sustainable and measurable.”
Steven Nicks, TPG partner

From strategy to actionable tactics and every point in-between, The Phelon Group helps its clients achieve immediate results with complete execution services and support for the implementation, internal adoption and evolution of your company’s strategy to leverage its customers

Complete Support for Internal Execution

Interim project management and support

To jumpstart or provide a temporary bridge in the execution of your company’s Customer Reference Program strategy or specific initiatives, The Phelon Group will provide interim project management and support.

Business case development

To help your organization meet near-term business objectives such as acquiring more budget or resources, The Phelon Group can work with you to develop a strong and salient business case based on your program’s quantifiable existing assets, successes and performance indicators, competencies and capabilities. These areas are then mapped to identified gaps and required resources.

Content development

To more effectively uncover and leverage your customer successes, The Phelon Group provides specialized content development services that combine a streamlined development process, clear and concise messaging and engaging delivery. See Success Sells, a special Phelon Group report that outlines actionable steps to a manageable and compelling content development strategy.

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