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Learn about the origination of Customer Leverage in this Q&A with partners Promise Phelon and Steven Nicks

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Our Approach

Customer Leverage is a unique organizational practice developed by The Phelon Group that is defined by two main characteristics:

1) Deep, mutually beneficial relationships with customers

IT buyers have become highly skeptical and are proactively seeking candid opinions about your company outside of the controlled reference framework. Genuine, mutual relationships with customers create proactive promoters which represent one of the most powerful influencers for sales and marketing.

2) A strategic rather than tactical view of reference programs

Traditional reference programs are focused on tactics and deliverables. A strategic process around managing and elevating customer relationships results in exceedingly powerful tools for internal stakeholders that demonstrate not just a solution, but a genuine commitment to your customers’ success. 

Benefits for Reference Program Management

Customer Leverage elevates tactical reference programs that develop customer content in reaction to internal stakeholder needs, to a valuable strategy that represents and cultivates a major corporate asset – relationships with referencable customers.

Higher impact programs with measurable and sustainable results

  • Greater sponsorship and advocacy from senior executives and internal stakeholders
  • Powerful customer content to support sales and marketing
  • Larger financial investment from senior management
  • Greater participation from internal stakeholders

Strong and compelling value propositions for your referencable customers

  • Reduced turnover and increased participation and loyalty from referencable customers
  • Higher access to executive opinions

Powerful customer relationships that represent a differentiating asset

  • Shorter sales cycle with current customers and prospects
  • Support from objective third parties such as analysts, press and other influencers


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