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Learn about the origination of Customer Leverage in this Q&A with partners Promise Phelon and Steven Nicks

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“The Phelon Group understood our vision and direction, they helped us to take reference marketing to the next level... the extra value we could deliver to our customers and receive from them in return. Our program was very good before. Now it is cutting edge.”

–Ken Darby, Senior Manager, HP CRP

Company Overview

The Phelon Group is the first consultancy that has established itself as a major force in defining and implementing Customer Leverage—a distinct methodology that helps leading enterprise technology companies build and sustain powerful reference programs. We help our clients evolve their reference program activities from tactical programs with limited impact to strategic customer relationships that represent a major corporate asset in the drive for growth.

Led by customer experts Promise Phelon and Steven Nicks, The Phelon Group developed Customer Leverage to increase the value of referencable customers and offer actionable and sustainable strategies based on key benchmark research and client work. Areas of expertise include critical path intelligence, strategy and execution, research and analysis, and training and education.

Since its founding in 2002, The Phelon Group has conducted successful Customer Leverage initiatives for leading enterprise solution providers such as Intel, Adobe, HP, Oracle, and EMC.


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